CoFo is a leading company in cold forming and precision turning with more than 120 years of experience working for the international automotive industry. Our companies are situated in three locations around Germany.

We develop, design, construct, plan and produce parts for chassis, steering, braking, safety and functionality in the vehicle.

Centrally located in Europe, we offer fast access to the plant locations of our customers. Sound entrepreneurial thinking and acting together with a strong financial partner provide for steady stability and reliability. Our know-how and quality is very likely to be reflected in your vehicle.

The CoFo group is an alliance of three leading companies from Krefeld, Gelenau and Dietenheim in the cold forming industry that guarantee the best result.


mio EUR 2023 (Budget)



mio pcs supplied daily

We believe in the power of creative people and establish an environment in which ideas are made a practical reality.

Sebastian Wagner

Chief Executive Officer of CoFo Group


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