There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to involve CoFo as early as possible within the production cycle. Our engineering team combines comprehensive material expertise with an in-depth knowledge of production methods and capabilities. You can put these resources to good use: Depending on how early we can contribute in the planning stage, more often than not there is the potential to save time and money.

The sooner we know the requirements and the purpose of your component, the better we can advise you on tools and processes so that a construction suitable for production is created.

The Benefits:

  • Near net shape pressed parts – subsequent turning and finishing optional
  • Design requirements realizable quickly and precisely
  • From development to a ready-to-install component: all from one source
  • Maximum energy and material saving

We process everything from low carbon construction steel to ball bearing steel, stainless steel and all cold forged qualities, as well as various aluminum alloys.

Our service profile includes the development of formed parts, taking into account the most economical production route. Ready-to-install components and near net shape parts with the help of 3D simulation are among our specialities.

In addition, your components can also be heat and surface treated.


No matter what your construction may entail, we assemble with components produced in-house and/or purchased components precisely and on time.

The automatic assembly machines are designed and constructed by our own mechanical engineering department.

Your benefits:

  • assembly of mechanical components
  • performance test
  • assembly of O-ring seals
  • screwed plugs with magnet


We have been delivering precision turning and cold forming parts as well as mechanical components to the international automotive industry for decades.

We offer the following standards for your logistic requirements:

  • just in time delivery
  • deliveries to consignment warehouses
  • modern packaging facilities (fully automatic)
  • single component packaging (set parts)

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